Version 4.4.2 android download

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I dont have it either, still on 4.4. Ironically 4.4 using Exchange for my email, contacts, calendar seems to have sent my phone into a data frenzy and racked up a $450 bill with Rogers. My wifi and phone signal drop out despite showing full availability and the solution to this is to turn airplane mode on and off. This is my first android phone and must say I am beyond angry. This was supposed to be the answer to fragmentation and software bloating…

Version 4.4.2 android download

Does anyone else have WIFI issues with their Nexus 5?

I’ve tried two different routes, and I’ve read on Google similar issues. My phone connects fine and runs fine. But randomly, it will still show a good signal, but when you tried to load an app or a website it just times out. It loses connectivity even though the WIFI signal says its connected. If I turn on/off the airplane mode, it starts working again. I’ve even changed the channels on my router to one with less traffic and I still have the same issue.

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