Ultimate voice recorder free download for android

Ultimate Voice Recorder

Ultimate Voice Recorder 3.2.3

Quick and easy to use voice recorder is here! Recordings are performed in background so you can do other stuffs while the app is recording for you. Email recordings, attach photo, play, pause, forward/rewind with ease! Copy recordings to desktop via WiFi. Also support uploading recordings to your Dropbox account. You can even setup automatic uploading to your Dropbox to let the app upload a recording as soon as it has been recorded.

You can also specify how long you want to record each time, and the app will stop recording automatically once the time is out.

You can specify a password to prevent others from opening the app without your permission. With Auto Deletion feature, the app will delete recordings for you at a time of your choice to protect your privacy and save storage space.

Please note that if you want to the app to start automatically after phone reboot, you need to install the app in phone itself, NOT in SD card! To check it, on your phone, open Settings->Applications, choose “Manage applications”, locate the “Utlimate Voice Recorder”, If you see a button with “Move to phone”, press it to move the app to your phone. Otherwise, the app is installed in your phone already, nothing to change.

Ultimate voice recorder free download for android

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