Smartcam app for android free download

“Mobile webcam”

Android is like a black hole that gobbles up more and more gadgets thanks to apps development. This time the target is our loved webcam. Is your webcam too old or it’s broken? Instead of buying a new one you can give a try to this solution: download Smartcam and start using your Android device as a webcam.

Smartcam app for android free download

Really easy to use: after launching it your back camera will be enabled and you’ll see through it. In order to use it as your webcam you’ll have to connect it to the WiFi network your computer is connected too.

It works over bluetooth too. User will have to download also a desktop version of Smartcam from (Both Windows and Linux supported).

Image and network quality depends on your built-in camera and the network you’re connected too. It would be as good as that two parameters are.

Smartcam app for android free download

In other words, a good solution for video conferences.

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