Play store download for android

Play Store Download free

Many of us have ever had to Play Store download. also called Google Play. This tends to happen especially when acquire a Chinese terminal that does not have Google apps reinstalled and when we give away or buy a second terminal rooteado hand. many of whom also have this package installed applications including the store is officer of Google apps .

Play store download for android

This is most often because they want smartphones and tablets include Google app need to have a Google digital certificate. and that is something hackers devices or classical Chinese clones do not usually have.

But do not worry. because in this post I offer you a simple tutorial for free download Play Store in a couple of clicks and a few minutes and do not worry tediƩis that this certification at all.

How to Play Store Download Free

The first thing to do before getting Play Store is to see what version of our operating system. It is something we can do heading to Settings > About this phone or the tablet. If the version of Android is on or after Android 2.3 we can Google Play Store download . if not otherwise at that time this application called Android Market. The version that we use is always the last of Android, we leave duo link below.

How to download Play Store on Google -certified terminals

What we have to do first of all is to go to Settings > Applications and check the box where it says ” install applications from Origin deconocidos Allow”. Without this we can only install applications that come directly from Google Play, and lack of this app as it must be activated .

Now we will download the APK file on your computer and pass through a WiFi transfer system or directly via USB. We can also choose to download it directly from your terminal.

Once past the APK to our terminal. we will open the file browser with which our terminal count. If we are not on the internet we can access many great and free, so that we no longer have to download one of them but if you have downloaded from your mobile or tablet should be in the Downloads icon .

After searching the Play Store APK click on it to open it and install the app. If you tell us that we override an application operating system click on OK .

How to download Google Play Store on Android without digital signature

On the other hand we have the situation in which we find a Chinese terminal. or root a clone phone that does not have digital signature Google. the steps to follow are almost the same so we worry that this tutorial you will get it soon .

As in the first case. we will head to Settings > About phone to see what our version of Android. But in this case but not equal and we obtain a later version we can install Android 2.3 on the Google market .

Previous Play Store Download with Android 2.3

We’ll have to look for the latest version of Android ie 2.3.6. The find looking very soon in many parts of the network. Before installing always have that ability as the option “Allow install applications from Origin unknowns ”. as we did in the previous process .

If you have root access all these steps are much more fluid. If you have administrator permissions, you can download with cwm recovery through the Install from Sd Card ( Market_2.3.6 – ) option. Once you do that you only have to restart your terminal and go.

download link here