Zombiebooth 2 download for android

Ratings about ZombieBooth 2 for Android

You can share your creations like a picture, a capture or a recorded video.

Zombiebooth 2 download for android

There are some problems in recording the video.

Detailed analysis

ZombieBooth 2 is the sequel of the popular app to convert people into zombies that you will be able to use with anyone you want.

Now, you will see yourself converted into a zombie in a better way, thanks to the new filters and 3D animations that have been added to this version.

You just need to take a picture of the person or animal that you want to transform into a zombie.

You just need to make sure that the eyes, the mouth and the contour of the face are good on the picture and just press the button to change it. In a second you will have in your device a zombie, not your friend anymore that will try to bite your finger looking for blood. With this, you have an app that will scare to the vast majority of your friends

And it is that now, we have a lot of new options to customize the app as we most like; we will have eyes, mouths, effects, filters, accessories and a lot more so we can make our best creations.

And, if you like the result, you will be able to share it directly from the app with your friends, send a capture of the picture to Facebook or Twitter and also making a recording of the interaction with the zombie.

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