World of goo free download for android

World of Goo for Android

A lot more than a puzzle game: wit, skills and the most well-designed graphics. Ejoy it and get ready to think a lot.

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World of goo free download for android

World of Goo is a game of the most interesting with versions of Wii, PC, Mac and iPhone that also has an adaptation so you can enjoy it fully in your Android device. Its main objective and functioning is similar to the other games of puzzles and building ; however, it is its setting and designs what makes this game irresistible for a lot of players.

Have a look at the video and the images to see what we are talking about.

In the world of Goo, you will have to build bridges. paths and different structures to join the points of the map. Unlike the other games of this style, the construction buildings are “Goo balls “, human beings of the most curious and charming that move, look at your with their eyes and talk non-stop.

In each level, you will find a new scenery in which you will have to build structures with the balls of Goo and it will be the only way of escaping and the settings are at the same time of the most amazing and dangerous that it will be hard for you to take the eyes of the screen. In the different levels, you will get to know new inhabitants, that is to say, new Goo balls with different behaviors, skills and unique properties that will help you to get your aims.

The different platforms of the World of Goo have histories and stories of the most different themes that you will have to comprehend to find the best way in which to move from level. Try it and discover why the World of Goo does not stop to receive prizes and distinctions; because all players all over the world say it is the best game. and why so many users that have tried the demo version have ended getting the full version of the game.

World of goo free download for android

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