Wolfenstein return to castle download android

How to Play Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Android in HD + MOD

IdFixPDA said: 23rd July 2013 06:03 AM

How to Play Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Android in HD + MOD

How to Play Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Android in HD + MOD

ok friends, if we were talking about one of the best games of all time?

Return to Castle Wolfenstein. father of FPS modern..

Wolfenstein return to castle download android


The id Tech 3, known as the Quake III engine, is a 3D rendering engine (game engine) graphics, developed by id Software. It is used by many games.

In its heyday, it was competing with the UnrealEngine for projects shooter. They were then both under commercial license.

The engine is a direct evolution from previous versions included in Quake and Quake II.

At QuakeCon 2005, John Carmack announced that the source code for Quake III engine would be released under the GPL. August 19, 2005, id Software released the source engine under GPL by against the resources of the video game Quake III Arena are the property of id Software. The code can then be downloaded by anyone who wants it.

Infinity Ward, the creators of the Call of Duty series have been using Call of Duty 2 engine house based source code of id Tech 31 (the company had used the id Tech 3 engine itself for the first title). Since the engine has evolved successors games of the series but still on the source code of id Tech.

ok,ok you understand. i like so much this game.

in my tutorial, 2 solutions.

1/ you’re like me and you have Return to Castle Wolfenstein in your computer

2/ you’re too young, and you don’t know this revolution (like say. Steve.)

This step by step guide will teach you how to play Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Android. I will show you how to add HD textures, sounds, weapons and other mods.

Download the RTC4A App from the Play Store and Install Return to Castle Wolfenstein the game onto your Computer.

How to install data SD (copy the folder ‘rtcw4a’ in the root of the sd )

Find the folder where you installed the Return to Castle Wolfenstein game on your computer.

Plug your Android device into your computer with the USB cable and create a new folder called "rtc4a". Copy and paste the Return to Castle Wolfenstein game data folder "main" Into this new folder.

Once the data is on your Android device launch the app and play the game.

You can add HD textures sounds and weapon mods by copying and pasting the downloaded ".pk3" files into the "main" folder.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Mod Links: code name project-x

not american project-x like that..

but Russian project-x like that (use google translation if you not understand russian)

download link here