Download 3g live tv for android

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Android Mobile TV doesn’t work often enough to be better than just finding online TV to watch on your own. In fact, it will fill your phone with more ads and performance issues than it will with actual online video. With so many free, entertaining things to watch, readily available online, it’s tough to find room for an app like this.

Download 3g live tv for android

Android Mobile TV claims to connect you to online TV from all around the Internet, but mostly connects you to shows that are already available and relatively easy to find with a Google search.

The app presents them all in a bland menu, but it does organize them into easy-to-manage categories for some bonus convenience. Sadly, the app took about nine tries to actually find our Internet connection, even though our Wi-Fi worked with other apps and seemed to be running the whole time. That just compounded the issues of finding something to watch, which we had to do while constantly canceling out of pop-up ads and turning down an “offer” from an ad suite that wanted to take over our browser.

All of the above mentioned hang-ups are incredibly annoying, especially when you consider how often the app just doesn’t work. Since you can find most of what you could with Android Mobile TV elsewhere, it’s really hard to get excited about this app. It might be worthwhile if it lost the annoying ads and was more consistent.

Download 3g live tv for android

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