Best call recorder for android free download

5 Free Call Recorder Apps for Android

Call recorders are not only meant for simple recording but today they support others services based on it. Providing this facility, there are many free call recorder apps for Android available online. Gaining a reputation to showcase the biggest platform, it takes head-on cult for leading the market as apps leader. Moreover, customer’s appreciation and convenience is the primary thing that matters the most. Some of the best available free call recorders apps for Android  are discussed below.

Record My Call

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Best call recorder for android free download

With more than 4,777 downloads from Android Market, Record My Call app is best featured as the distinctive voice recorder. Unlike other free call recorder apps for Android, it is strictly dedicated towards recording only. Some drawbacks are currently there with this app as it only supports microphone recording and does not even work on certain handsets. Saving files on memory card, you can always transfer them to your computer and listen whenever you like.

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Best call recorder for android free download

Call Recorder Total Recall

Facility of dual side recording is not available on Android enables phones. This was true till Call Recorder Total Recall Dem did not come out. Another added-on feature that is a part of this incredible free call recorder application for Android is “Superior Resource” with the help of which you can use CPU Controls to interact. All new handsets like Motorola, Samsung, Sony Erickson, HTC, LG, Dell, Acer and G1 supports this app for Android. Audio clips recorded can be attached to specific contact in your phone-book making it more legitimate choice for users.


One of the main drawbacks of free Call recorder Apps for Android is that it makes a sound while recording and people get a bit annoyed over the phone due to that. AutoCallRecorder App eliminates this problem with “SILENT RECORDING” facility. Problem with working on some latest edition phones may arise for which new versions are available by buying them online. Authentic app support being provided by AutoCallRecorder  as it also diminishes the hectic long settings of log, recording format, etc.

Call Recorder

Call Recorders make a valuable asset like any other app on your phone. With Android, you can rest assure the deliverance of more high quality voice recorders in future.

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