Whatsapp messenger free download for android mobile

WhatsApp Android

With the advent in mobile technology, we need to search out third party messaging application to take place the short messaging service offered by our network provider.  WhatsApp is a cross platform Smartphone messenger available for Android OS and other mobile operating system platform. In addition to text messaging, user can share images, audio and video messages, as well as location with other WhatsApp user. This messenger application provides limitless international messaging, with the choice of audio and video messages.

The WhatsApp Android has several advantages over the traditional SMS, like to share bigger information, but you can enjoy these messaging services for free or a price much less.

Whatsapp messenger free download for android mobile

Features of WhatsApp Android:

The WhatsApp Android messenger application uses your mobile data or WiFi (when available) to stay connected with your friends and family members. For the first year, this messenger is free to use! Then, you need to pay $0.99 USD per year. After installing this application on your Smartphone, you can send millions of text, audio and video messages a day to your friends or family for free. Further, this application supports multimedia content and group chat services. The WhatsApp messaging service is very similar to your international email service. Installing this messenger assists the users to avoid annoying international SMS costs.

Enjoy Free Messaging:

The WhatsApp Android application works with your mobile number and users your mobile address book to add the friend list. The WhatsApp application has been Always On and Connected mobile messenger. You no need to add the contact manually.  Your contacts already installed WhatsApp messenger will be displayed in your friends list automatically. This application also supports offline messaging service. The WhatsApp offer several incredible services such as exchange contacts, share location, custom notification sound, custom wallpaper, landscape mode, message time stamps, email chat history, MMS, broadcast messages and much more.

WhatsApp Android Download:

You can download WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play (Google Play Store). The Google play store is an excellent platform to get millions of Application, Games and other personalize the content for your Android Smartphone. Downloading the  messenger from the Google play store is very simple. You need to just visit the Play Store, then, use the search bar to locate the WhatsApp application. After locating, you need Tap on the install button. Your application starts downloading in your Android mobile and gets installed automatically. The WhatsApp application is available at free of cost. However, mobile data charge is applicable for downloading this application from the Android market.

Setup WhatsApp Messenger:

In order to configure the WhatsApp application on your Android phone, you must agree the terms and condition. You need to give your mobile number for integration. Your mobile number will be verified by the application. User will receive a verification code via SMS. You need to type of unique verification number in the given field to get started. This application makes use of an existing internet plan to ensure file and message sharing features.  The free version of WhatsApp Android is extremely useful. It assists you to share millions of text and multimedia messages with your friends and family members for free.

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