Perfect piano download for android

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The keys can be wider or narrower according to your preferences, and they can detect different pressures

Perfect piano download for android

The full action recording (audio over the succession of keys played) is stored in their own format and can be only reproduced with Perfect Piano

Detailed analysis

Perfect Piano is the perfect application for restless musician who can always find a good time to sketch out a tune or a song. If you’r one of those, Perfect Piano is by far one of the best free options to enjow a full virtual keyboard on your Android device’s screen.

To begin with, unlike many other Android keyboards and music instruments for mobile devices, Perfect Piano offers the full range of tones of a conventional piano, with 7 complete octaves, although, must be said, on the main screen you won’t see the complete keyboard, but a portion of it and the thumbnail of the full piano’s keyboard highlighting the octave you’re playing with, where you can navigate to increase or decrease the tone range while playing your tune. However, it also supports a dual raw mode, so you can set different octaves to each keyboard and even get different sounds.

The Perfect Piano’s virtual keys are carefully designed to detect different touch pressure and reproduce a sound with more or less intensity as a result. On the other side, you can take the maximum advantage of your multi-touch screen and play with as many chords and harmonies as you like. Also interesting is its ability to customize the key’s width and make them wider or narrower according to your preferences.

In Perfect Piano you’ll find five different keyboard instruments effects to produce a wider sound range: Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes and Synth. Everything you play or write can be saved as an audio track, but you can also record and playback the full piano action in their own file format for a later view. Furthermore, you can share all of your masterpieces with your friends on the social networks without leaving the app.

Perfect piano download for android

Perfect Piano is also a useful tool for getting familiar with the keyboard, since it includes a learn to play mode, where you can learn how to play more than 70 preloaded samples songs and many other songs you can download for free. This learning mode works similar to the well known Guitar Hero, by mimiking and following the notes progression appearing on your device’s screen.

And if now you’re thinking that these are great advantages that highlight Perfect Piano over its competition, you can keep reading, because this keyboard has an ace up its sleeve: a Drum Pad emulator for your song’s percussion track. It includes five different drum instruments effects, Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion and Dance. As the keyboard features, the drum kit allows to record and playback the rythms you create, to press multiple percussive elements when learning how to play different rythms (Latin Rock, Polka, Waltz, Disco. ), and it also offers the option to play the drums over any song of your device’s library, as well as a Auto Play Mode to create an authomatic percussion track to play along with the keyboard.

There can’t be much more to say. If you want a virtual keyboard or a piano for your Android smartphone or tablet, with plenty of setting options, sound effects, the ability to record and playback your compositions and also play along with a complete drum pad, you should download Perfect Piano for free to your Android device. One of the best virtual instruments I’ve ever seen for mobile devices.

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