Peggle nights free download for android

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Peggle is one of PopCap ‘s most popular games, and today you can get it for free if you’re an Android user. PopCap has been working through its catalog and launching their most popular games on Android. To celebrate, each title is made available for free for a day. Today, Peggle is that free game.

Peggle nights free download for android

Peggle is a puzzle game that challenges you to bounce balls over pegs to clear them from the map. It may sound simple, but the reality is anything but, especially when you’re tasked with busting specific pegs from the board or handling multiple balls at the same time.

The game has been widely acclaimed, and now you can snag a copy for free, if you have an Android phone.

To take advantage of the promo, you’ll need to download it from the Amazon App Store. which means that only Android owners that can access the store (largely North American users) can get the app for free unless there’s a way around it.

Peggle was one of the big titles that PopCap said they would bring to Android first, even though they noted earlier in the year that developing for Android was a “struggle” and was certainly more challenging than developing for iOS. Regardless, the game developer seems to be making steady progress on Android ports of their games. Peggle is just the most recent free promotion, earlier this year the company let Android users have Chuzzle and Plants vs. Zombies for free.

The Peggle launch is an Amazon App Store exclusive, and as a result it’s only free today. Tomorrow the price goes back up to $2.99. If you don’t have access to the Amazon App Store or live in a location where it’s not available, don’t worry: The developers have committed to bringing their catalog to the Android Market proper in the near future.

Peggle nights free download for android

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