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Throughout her youth, Annelise and her father, a gifted pianist, performed at children’s concerts, private parties, and local festivals and bars.

At 17, Annelise moved away from her musical family to study Environmental Studies at the University of Ottawa. Inspired by what she learned in her classes and driven by a craving for music in her life, she taught herself to play guitar and began writing her own songs about life, love and the earth.

“ I was born missing my left arm below the elbow, so I use a prosthesis that enables me to strum with my elbow. It holds the pick for me and I play as a south paw, which is funny considering I don’t even have a ‘south paw’. Learning to play guitar and write my own music gave me a lot of courage; I knew that if my heart was there, then I could do anything.”

Since then, her music has been a reflection of moments in her life that have made her smile, laugh, grit her teeth or think. As a south paw who strums with her elbow, she creates a unique sound driven by a powerfully sincere lyrics and a clear voice that gives you chills.

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