Insaniquarium android free download apk

Insaniquarium 1.0 for android


Insaniquarium android free download apk

They say that keeping fish is a relaxing stress-reliever. Well, install Insaniquarium and you may disagree with this theory.

Insaniquarium is a colorful game in which you must keep a tank of fish thriving. You need to feed the fish regularly by tapping on them to release a flake of food. You’ll know when they get hungry because they turn green. This is more difficult than it sounds because the fish in Insaniquarium are a greedy bunch and they often cluster together, making it hard to single one out for a dose of food.

There’s plenty more to Insaniquarium than just feeding hungry mouths. Along the way, you’ll have to collect coins to buy new fish, better food, and even weapons, which you’ll need to defeat the alien intruders that come along from time-to-time.

Insaniquarium may be a little strange but it’s actually a pretty decent game. There are four different game modes to keep you occupied and the graphics and sound effects are quite amusing, even if the music gets a bit annoying.

Insaniquarium android free download apk

Insaniquarium provides an interesting diversion for any fish fanatics out there.

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