Android vnc client download

The Best VNC Client for Android

Android has a few great VNC apps, and a few not so great. If we had to pick the best, we’d choose PocketCloud for how insanely easy to use it is.

Android vnc client download

Where It Falls Short

The Competition

TeamViewer is another great, cross-platform client. Its control is similar to PhoneMyPC, but with a few missing features, like the ability to customize gestures and forward sound to your phone. It is, however, free, which is very nice. Again, it takes a bit of orientation, but once you’ve got the gestures down (which doesn’t take too long), it’s a breeze to control.

Splashtop is another popular option. It has some nice gestures, like two-finger scrolling, but others are a bit unintuitive. It also has the annoying resolution change "feature" that PocketCloud does, with seemingly no option to turn it off. However, it played Flash videos better than any of the other clients, so if your goal is to watch Flash videos on your phone. Splashtop’s probably the best option.

LogMeIn is one of the biggest names in VNC, but LogMeIn Ignition for Android is a little disappointing. While it’s one of the smoothest clients I found, controlling it was more difficult than every other client I’ve used. And, with a $15 price tag, it’s definitely not worth the cost. I’d say go with TeamViewer or PocketCloud before trying this one out.

Android vnc client download

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