Sms reader download apps android

View messages from your Android device and save them on your computer as a text file in a simple and fast manner, with little effort

Sms reader download apps android

SMS Backup Reader is a utility designed to help you view and export messages from a XML file created by a backup application for Android mobile devices.

With it you can open and view the conversations in a simple manner and export them as text files. This can be done for chats you have with one person in your contacts list, or all of them.

The application displays a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use.

With the backup file selected, it shows you a list of all the contacts found in it and when you click one, it opens the messages you’ve exchanged with that person. If by any chance the contact list displays phone numbers instead of names, that’s because you did not backup the names of the contacts before using SMS Backup Reader.

Since you can be texting someone in a different country and timezone, the application allows you to enter your country code and the offset in hours for the received SMS. You can also enter the number of messages that are displayed.

Sms reader download apps android

SMS Backup Reader offers a straightforward solution for when you want to view and save a conversation that you had with a friend or client that contained important information. It’s a very easy way of recovering that info.

Moreover, you get to save the entire conversation as a TXT file which can be opened on any computer that has a Windows operating system installed.

In closing, SMS Backup Reader is by all means a handy and reliable application that can definitely help you out when it comes to recovering SMS messages from your Android backup file.

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