Qeep download for android mobile

Qeep is a social network specifically designed for access from mobile phones, and is the very best that currently, there is a delight for fans to networks type Facebook or Twitter, among many others.

It is free and connects you with your friends, or allows you to make new friends online. You can fill out your profile and see the other users, although the peculiarity of this network is the possibility of sending QMS, a cheap SMS-based chat system.

But there is more, if you join Qeep, also you will have access to online games or have your photoblog with the photos you capture from your mobile, with unlimited storage.

It is very easy to use, fast and entertaining as that at all times you will be connected to your network of friends, you’ll see their latest pictures online and you can even send messages to Twitter style.

Qeep download for android mobile


  • Nice to use interface
  • Twitter style messages
  • Support for the exciting
Qeep download for android mobile


  • Nothing remarkable

qeep screenshots and videos

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