Mguard for android free download

mGuard – Mobile bodyguard


Panic button (physical – power button) speakerphone call + sends GPS location (Google map link) via SMS

Mguard for android free download

Speed dial, anyplace on planet help, speakerphone call for emergency + sends GPS location via SMS

Future features:

Quiet mode while driving and Pulse monitoring

Tracking your loved ones (example: follow a child to school with GPS and speed alarm)

Automated rescue call

We create mobile bodyguard from your phone, with a little application. Your smartphone will become really smart, watching over you, guarding you.

So if you end up in a life threatening situation like fall, car crash or whatever, “mGuard” app will sense it with sensors, on your device, it will try to reach you, if you don’t answer, it will call your family and/or ambulance and police. Someone on the other side of the line will try to speak with you via intercom, to determine if you actually need help. If you need rescue, it will be there in the shortest amount of time, because “mGuard” will tell them exactly where you are. In our version 3 we will monitor your vital signs, via smart watch or smart bracelet.

With this approach we will decrease extent of injuries and increase odds of survival for anyone who is in danger and carrying smart device with “mGuard” application.

Software development partner: ProTech LTD

Mguard for android free download

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