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Best Startup Managers for Disabling Items from System Boot

Which apps are the best to solve this pesky problem? © AndroidPIT/Startup Manager/

Boot manager android download

There’s no need to get an aggressive ”Task Killer” that wants to drown out everything that goes ”beep”. Instead, I would like to present a few task/app managers which will help to stop those few pesky apps from starting up automatically. Though this list isn’t exhaustive, this will definitely help you solve this problem.

Startup Auditor

Startup Auditor loads quickly and promptly provides a list of apps that start up automatically.

These are presented as a ”linked” picture. Bold print and green bars show which apps have started automatically as soon as the system boots as well as in the case of some other instances. When an entry is grey with a grey bar, this means that you’ve already taking a peak at that one. The white box on the left will prevent the automatic start when you turn on your phone. The white box on the right will prevent the automatic start during other instances.

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Simply tap on the desired entry and you’ll be brought to a screen similar to the one shown on the right picture. Here you’ll be able to procure further information about the selected process and if need be, prevent the respective automatic starts.

By using this app-stopping process, there’s no chance of your device suffering any damages. If it happens to work oddly, all you simply need to do is ”undo” your changes. And since Startup Auditor really doesn’t change the system itself (the programs are snatched when tehy starts up and stopped), there’s no need to make sure you undo your changes when uninstalling the app at any point in time (this is different than the Autostarts app, for example).

Here is how it works and tries to avoid never-ending cycles:

  1. Incident X arises (for example, Systemstart, receiving an SMS, Memory low. )
  2. The Android system checks what is in the respective launch platform and starts everything that is there.
  3. Startup Auditor makes sure to end all the desire programs right away.

At this point in time, the job is done. Android will no longer open the ”unsuccessful candidates” which then puts a stop to a possible endless circle. That being said, the next instances will start the whole thing over again.

The only downside to this is the fact that Startup Auditor doesn’t seem to be able to detect all apps which start up automatically. Other than that, this is one of the most effective apps of this genre which offers the best overview and is easiest to operate.

Size after installation: 170 KB

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