Monopoly here and now free download for android

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Play the US edition of Monopoly without having to waste time setting up the board and all of the rest

Monopoly Here and Now Edition is the digitized version of the popular board game that has explained the principles of capitalism to a large number of generations and continues to do so. Monopoly (the 1st) was initially conceived to showcase the notion of how owning lands is where evil’s at but since then some have reached the conclusion that Capitalism is not all rainbows and unicorns.

Play a version of Monopoly that’s been updated to more modern times

Right off the bat, Monopoly Here and Now takes away the often tedious task of having to manage your properties using ‘manual labour’, keeping track of bank and hurdling those two heavy dice on the board. Playing Monopoly on your computer is the way to go since everything is taken care of and you’ll only have to deal with rolling the dice at the press of a button and picking what you want to buy.

Monopoly here and now free download for android

The latter certainly speeds things up because let’s be serious, Monopoly is a fun game to play but passed the one hour mark it can get really boring. With this version, you get a few updates over the classic. For example, money is multiplied by 10k (pass go gets you 2 mil and not just 200 bucks) and waterworks and the electric company have been replaced with Internet and mobile phone services.

It looks good and it’s fun to play

Monopoly Here and Now has a few years behind it but even so the game looks good and the design makes sense. The younger generation can easily learn the rules and the nostalgics can quickly familiarize themselves with the updates.

Monopoly here and now free download for android

Moreover, you have the possibility to change some of the game rules. You can set a different number of houses per hotel, bump up your salary, set a new bail cost and even influence mortgage rates. Chance and Community Chest still exist, although like most stuff, they are updated with some new events that can help you rise to the top or set your demise in motion.

It’s Monopoly, but for your computer, thus better

On a closing note, Monopoly Here and Now Edition is totally worth having around. You never know when you want to start a game to pass some time by. Whether it’s against one or two AI players, or actual friends, it’s going to be fun.

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