Imadeface app for android free download

Quick Specs

Editors’ Note: The Download Now link directs you to the product page in Google Play. The application can directly be downloaded and installed on the registered Android device from your PC, or you can download it from Google Play on your Android device.

Editors’ Review

The new version of Facebook for Android proves to be more streamlined and accessible than the mobile version of the official Web site. If you’re using Facebook often, you shouldn’t miss this app, though it does have some minor but annoying issues.

Great experience: Facebook for Android retains all the functionality of the social Web site, packing it into an appealing interface, which manages to offer a lot of features without feeling cluttered. The UI has changed from the previous release, with several buttons rearranged. The new app also uses tabs to make accessing certain features quicker. You may need a while to get used to the changes, but still the interface is so straightforward that you’ll find it more fluent than the official Web site.

Intuitive image gallery: You can quickly browse other users’ images as well as tag and like them or comment on them in an almost fullscreen mode. We found the image viewing experience provided by this app to be excellent.

Offline mode: Now you can create posts even when you’re using Airplane mode or have trouble with your connection, and you can then publish them as soon as you’re back online.

Feed issues: As other users noted in their reviews, the Feed in the latest release shows top stories only, with no option to view most recent, which means that you may be seeing the same stories for days on end.

Somewhat slow: While on the whole it works well, the new release feels occasionally slow and also seems to eat up quite a lot of RAM. If you don’t have much RAM, you may experience performance issues.

Occasionally fails to update status: Several times the status update we’ve entered just vanished after pressing “Update,” and we had to enter it again several times before it was posted.

Imadeface app for android free download

Bottom Line

While Facebook for Android has its flaws, it ultimately accomplishes its goal of bringing the Facebook experience to mobile users and often presents features and information in a much better way than the mobile version of the Web site. If you use the popular social network, you will definitely want this app on your device, though be willing to put up with its quirks now and then.

Imadeface app for android free download

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