Edjing for android full apk free download

Editors’ Review

Edjing brings together in a neat and beautiful interface all the essential DJ tools you need for creating mixes on the go. The full version adds precuing for previewing tracks and achieving better transitions, 14 DJ FX effects and ten skins, and removes the ads; the full version can also be unlocked by earning points via an in-app rewards system.

Edjing for android full apk free download

Smooth experience: With its sleek, responsive turntables and handy AutoMix for automated transitions and BMP synchronization, Edjing provides a realistic and seamless DJing experience, making mixing on the go not only possible, but also great fun.

Its clarity of purpose and polished features make it one of the most accessible apps of its kind.

Huge music library: You can choose songs from your device or from SoundCloud or Deezer, and the neat interface for adding songs integrates a playback/preview button, which allows you to sample tracks before using them for mixes.

Social integration: Apart from allowing you to quickly share your mixes through Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, the app comes with its own social network, through which you can share your creations with the community. The best part is that you get unlimited storage space for your mixes.

Black screens: Now and then, when adding songs or trying the app’s features, you end up with a black screen. Sometimes it goes away after a few seconds, but at other times it remains whatever you do, forcing you to restart the app to get rid of it.

No album artwork: In the app gallery on Google Play, the album artwork shows beautifully on the turntable vinyls, but when we tested the app, no artwork was displayed, although the songs in our library had album artwork embedded into their metadata.

Bottom Line

Well put together and easy to use, Edjing beautifully recreates the DJ experience on the Android screen, proving to be a treat for DJs who want to mix even when they don’t have their usual equipment at hand. The social integration and huge music library make it a hard-to-resist app, especially since you can unlock the paid version without paying for it. That said, this app has strong competition from DJ Studio 5, Cross DJ, and half a dozen other similar apps, which we think you should try, too, before deciding whether to commit to it or not.

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