Download android 4.3 camera app apk with new interface

Download Android 4.3 Camera App APK [New Interface]

You probably would know, HTC and Samsung recently released the Google Editions of HTC One and Galaxy S4. HTC One and Galaxy S4 both did well in spite of the tough competitions b/w the technology giants like Apple, Samsung and HTC and are counted as on of the best  smartphones ever. Both have exceptional Camera and other amazing features.

Download android 4.3 camera app apk with new interface

You would be amaze, what is the difference between the Samsung and Google Editions? Well, if look at the hardware wise, there is no specific change, however there is a slight change in the software versions.

The Android 4.2 on Google Editions is not a pure form of Android or you can Stock Android, it is actually the customize or advance version of Android.

But the Google Editions have some features from Android 4.3, which you might have expected only on 4.3, however you can play with some of the 4.3 features right on your Android 4.2 with Google Editions just like take the example of Camera App which is updated and improved in Android 4.3. But don’t worry folks, if you don’t have the Google Editions.¬† Thanks to the XDA Developers guys, as you can now enjoy and install the Android 4.3 Camera App with new UI and improvements to bugs fixes.

The above picture, clearly demonstrate the difference between Android 4.2 and 4.3. You yourself can judged the difference and the improvement to the user interface of the commands shown in the picture. If you are an addicted to camera apps and want to download the APK of Android 4.3 Camera App, i will provide the direct link to download APK file for your device from XDA Developers forums. You can install this normally like other APK files, only you have to check the “Install from Unknown sources” from your Settings App on your Android device. Note that it is extracted from the Google Editions of S4 and HTC One.

Download Android 4.3 Camera App APK

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