Boost 2 full android download

Top 3 apps to boost Android system performance

Make your phone run faster with these apps. / © ANDROIDPIT

Greenify – Most reliable

Greenify puts your apps in a state of hibernation in order to reduce background processing. This can halt services, periodic tasks, alarms, widget updates, push messages and more. It’s simple, intuitive and powerful, but with great power, comes great responsibility. It’s possible to misuse Greenify and hibernate apps that you really shouldn’t (such as the aforementioned alarms).

Boost 2 full android download

One of the best things about Greenify is that it can act like Android Marshmallow ‘s Doze feature for devices running a previous software version. What’s more, the app is completely free. Of our three apps in our list, Greenify is the most reliable.

Greenify is one of the most trusted and reliable Android performance apps around. / © ANDROIDPIT Greenify

SD Maid – the Android defragger

The developers of this app state that it should be used at your own risk on their Play Store page, and for good reason. SD Maid is one powerful Android tool.

Rather than killing apps like Greenify does, SD Maid is more concerned with removing the remnants of old files left behind after an uninstall. Where SD Maid is similar to Greenify is that it allows you to freeze apps to stop them hogging resources.

SD Maid crawls your Android files and makes sure no unnecessary folders or directories remain: think of it as a Windows system defrag tool for Android. In addition, it’s frequently updated and always improving.

Make sure all of your files are uninstalled properly with SD Maid. / © ANDROIDPIT SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

Android Assistant – for the one-click fix

Last but not least we have Android Assistant, a system monitoring tool. It offers a lot of control over your files and settings, keeping an eye on your CPU, RAM, ROM, SD cards, battery, and more.

Android Assistant can manage processes, clear the cache, save battery life and manage files, plus it features a one-click boost feature for an immediate speed improvement. For the full rundown of Android Assistant’s features, go to the Play Store link below.

Android Assistant helps you understand what’s going on inside your Android system. / © ANDROIDPIT Assistant for Android (776KB)

Give these a try, you won’t regret it. What other apps do you use to help your system perform better? Tell us about them in the comments.

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