Viber stickers free download android

Viber Stickers Free Download

10 Apr, 2014 by Admin

In addition to the stickers, the update includes deeper integration between Viber Desktop and the Windows Phone app, as well as roll out support for emoticons.

I ve decided not to worry too much about the photos and finally post these!

The app featuring its new sticker goodness is now available directly through the!

You can find them on my etsy shoppe anyway. kshopMAiS2.

( and that I'll probably do more about ) all the drawings are original aaand designed just for this project, Limited quantity!

Since March, and the day has finally arrived.

The latest update has now been unleashed on the store.

This sticker sets are part of a personal project that I made with love!

Stick them on your phone, stick them on your diary, stick them on your face, just stick them wherever you like!

Some of the additional features of the app include support for the Viber Desktop app on Windows and Mac, free HD calls, free text and photo messaging, phone switching, the.

Speaking of the Windows Phone app, Viber has also announced that over 500, 00 users have now downloaded the app on Microsoft s OS every month, quite an impressive feat.

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Viber stickers free download android

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