Paper camera download free android

Quick Specs

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Editors’ Review

by: Jason Parker on January 24, 2012

Paper Camera offers up a unique photography experience using a cute interface to produce simulated hand-drawn results, but you’ll need to select your shots carefully.

The interface looks like a camera made from paper (appropriately), with hand-drawn arrow buttons for switching effects; controls for contrast, brightness, and line weight on the right side; and a save button in the lower right. You have the choice of taking shots directly with your iPhone camera (showing the effect in real time) or selecting an image from your photo library.

Even with these issues, Paper Camera can produce some pretty cool-looking images as long as you’re taking daylight or otherwise well-lit shots. If you like the hand-drawn look, or just want to do something more with your photos, Paper Camera is a pretty good option for under a buck.

Paper camera download free android

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