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PhotoShine Latest version 5.4

PhotoShine is a program invented to make your photos shine. Joking apart, this program really does what is set out to do: to spice up your photos with a huge selection of fun template backgrounds. And huge is really the right word to describe it. With nearly 700 different backgrounds, you are sure to find plenty of options that will be just right to make your photos stand out.

One of the best things about PhotoShine is how easy and fun it is to use. You just need to select the photo you want to add a new background to, open it in the program, and then choose your favorite background.

What’s more, the program comes with several additional effects and basic editing tools to make your photos look even better. You can easily change the size of your photos, or rotate them, or even change their contrast and saturation, and more. And you won’t even need to make many adjustments when you apply the effects, as the program does a great job detecting faces. With a 30-day free trial period, there is no reason for all of you out there who want to have some fun brightening your photos to not give this program a try.

Software Review

User-friendly tool for editing photos

PhotoShine is an application that allows users to add a template background to their photos. The application’s interface is very simple and the application overall is very easy to download, install and use. It does not require any complicated configurations, and it provides users with almost 700 different template backgrounds, under 9 different themes: Dream, Love, Baby, Magazine, Girl, Festival, Frame, Simulation, and Other.

Download photoshine for android mobile

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