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23 Feb, 2014 by Admin

Photo Credit: PR Breaking into the competition Facebook Stickers offers a similar service, but quite limited, through its label shop but all the labels are free to download.

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Nimated stickers for whatsapp hangouts and viberInstall 0, 9 (0) Animated Stickers for WhatsApp, Hangouts and Viber Description.

Viber introduced the Sticker service on its platform back in December ofbut did not plan on it becoming its monetization mechanism until just recently. Viber s updated service will launch.

At this stage it is not yet known when the update will be launched at it will probably take some time to update their massive database with the new paid.

If it is possible via coding, I am ready, I want to send my custom stickers to my viber friends.

Their content store will be selling digital Stickers, similar to those found on Facebook.

Ozu is a registered trademark of The Vittalia Group.

The first to really implement this Sticker model successfully was a Viber like startup called, which become especially popular among Asian users before expanding to other well known instant messaging.

Viber s content store will feature a wide range characters and animations.

On October 01, You know those giant emoticons you see in use on Facebook messaging.

Is there any possibilities of creating my own custom viber stickers?

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I love some of those stickers such as "I love you stcicker", "I miss you sticker".

I want to create my own stickers.

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Download free stickers for viber android

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