Windows 10 on android phone download

Microsoft wants to convert your Android Phone to Windows 10

But can it convince users to make the switch?

Update: We reached out to Microsoft for comment on its plans for bringing Windows 10 to Android devices, but they declined. We have been promised that we’ll be kept updated on any further developments.

Windows 10 on android phone download

Original story follows.

It looks like Microsoft has big hopes for its upcoming Windows 10 Mobile operating system, with the Redmond company recently disclosing that its trialing a version of Windows 10 that can be installed on Android devices.

The trial is being run with a select group of owners of the Xiaomi Mi 4. a pretty impressive Android smartphone. Microsoft has created a custom ROM designed to completely replace the Android operating system, much like CyanogenMod. However where CyanogenMod is still heavily based on stock Android, Microsoft’s ROM will be based on Windows 10.

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