Spb mobile shell 3d for android free download

SPB Shell 3D for Android Available for Download

Showcased for the first time during the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, SPB Software's 3D user interface for Android smartphones has just been officially introduced as SPB Shell 3D .

Spb mobile shell 3d for android free download

Developed in partnership with Spatial View Inc. a pioneer in 3D auto-stereoscopic technologies, the 3D interface comprises a rich set of animated 3D widgets, a specialized collection of 3D folders and a suite of customizable panels in stereoscopic 3D.

The UI is built on SPB UI Engine and can be considered the right successor of the SPB Mobile Shell product line, one of the most popular mobile UI solutions available on the market.

The SPB Mobile Shell product line became very successful mainly because it matched up impeccably well with qualities that end users really like ,” said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of SPB Software.

SPB Shell 3D is a fine example of the UI that can be created using SPB UI Engine showcasing its capabilities, and it becomes a solid base for the custom UI solutions we create for device manufacturers and mobile operators .”

SPB Shell 3D turns the whole home screen into a 3D space, as users will be able to quickly switch between screens with a single gesture.

Uniquely designed smart folders offer users easy access to important apps directly from the home screen, and the possibility to customize a rich set of animated 3D widgets.

Furthermore, the combination of stylish design and auto-stereoscopic 3D gives users the feeling of immersion while browsing experience.

This seems to be the first glasses-free stereoscopic 3D mobile user interface with full navigation capabilities that is available for Android devices.

In addition to the new 3D user interface, SBP Software has built a real 3D UI Engine that enables carriers to build customized UIs for any own-branded Android device.

SPB Shell 3D is currently available from Android Market for $14.95. The application supports smartphones with an OpenGL ED 2.0 compatible GPU running Android 2.1 OS or higher.


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