Opera mini 6.5 handler for android free download

Download Opera Mini 6.5 HandlerUI202 by dzebb [JAR]

Yesterday, Opera Mini 6.5 has been released. Today, here comes the Opera Mini 6.5 Handler version. Thanks to master modder, sir dzebb of mzone.ph

Opera Mini 6.5 for Android


I cannot find some decent SS from the net. LOL that forced me to try this on my own. XD Anyway, here’s my screen-shots of this new Opera Mini 6.5 Handler. )

Of course, used the MyGlobe connect apn settings. D then hoped that it will be initialized at my first try.

XD and success! yay! Accepting the EULA even though never tried to read it. Greatest lie of all times. LOL

wtf! ad links from smart? LOL you can turn it off on the OM settings. XD data usage ftw! (can be accessed on the Help menu)

Opera mini 6.5 handler for android free download

Okay, on askhideki.com, you get free facebook. D LOLjk

I have just tested it on my Nokia N70, and as usual, the JAVA version is a bit laggy and has slow response on my phone unit. XD I guess, I should be using the Symbian version.

Download Opera Mini 6.5 Handler

Download Opera Mini 6.5  HUI202 Jar:

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