Facerig download android

FaceRig: Become a Virtual Character w/ iPhone Support

Meet FaceRig: a beautiful program that lets anyone with a webcam to embody a virtual character. You will be able to control emotions and expressions of your character. The software is compatible with any service that accepts a webcam. The output can also be recorded as a movie. Here is how the system works:

FaceRig uses state of the art real time image based tracking technology provided by Visage Technologies from Sweden, and combines it with a cross-platform real-time animation and visualization framework developed by indie-powered Holotech Studios and its partners from the games industry.

The possibilities are endless here. Imagine having Google Hangouts or Skype chats with virtual characters. How about changing your voice to make the whole experience more realistic. This could certainly be attractive to game developers. FaceRig offers real time expression tracking, rendering/lighting of animated models in real-time, and encoding. It will be available for PC, iOS, and other platforms.

Facerig download android

FaceRig sounds like a very exciting project. It is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. I’d be surprised if it does not meet its funding goal.

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