Whatsapp messenger free download for android 4.1

for PC Computer, Windows XP / 7 / 8

Download WhatsApp Messenger and you can have cross-platform mobile messaging straight from your computer. With WhatsApp you can send messages to any mobile platform out there, free of charge. We’re talking iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry here. That’s right you can talk to all of your friends, from your computer, for free, using WhatsApp. You’ll need to get Bluestacks or iEmu to run WhatsApp on your PC. These two programs emulate the Android and the iPhone respectively on your computer, and they’re both free downloads as well.

But how can WhatsApp offer such a service for free? Well, it’s because WhatsApp uses the same technology as your email account, which is free of charge of course. This way, sending messages cross-platforms is not only possible, it’s free and easy. The great thing is that WhatsApp’s functionality doesn’t stop at text messages. You can create user groups and send each other audio, images and video messages.

So why is this amazing app free? WhatsApp was created by two guys who used to work for Yahoo! and they’ve basically stated that they did it because they could. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they won’t get anything out of it. Let’s not forget that Google runs a free service. They believe (and rightly so) that everybody will start having a Smartphone any day now, and to have all of them use your app for communication is no small feat. But for now, you should download WhatsApp and start enjoying free cross-platform messaging.

NOTE: You are downloading Bluestacks App Player, it is required to download and run WhatsApp on your PC Computer.

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Developer: WhatsApp Inc.

Whatsapp messenger free download for android 4.1

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