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7 best free texting apps for Android

These are the best texting apps for Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. Google Messenger – best for simplicity

We’re not fans of Hangouts, which complicates the simple process of sending texts, but Google Messenger is another story. It makes use of many of Hangouts’ finer qualities while cutting out the clutter. Messenger has an eye-soothing interface and, as well as sending texts, you can take photos and record audio messages from within the app.

Google Messenger is a typical Google app in that it nails the essentials of what it should do.

Google Messenger looks great and is easy to use. / © Google Messenger

2. MySMS – best for multiple devices

MySMS comes garlanded with rave reviews from press and users alike. It’s available for Windows, Mac and web browsers as well as Android, which means you can post from a computer or tablet using your Android phone’s number.

It supports group messaging and MMS, message scheduling, message export and backup, and connects with services such as Evernote, Dropbox and Google Drive. Many of the advanced features require a premium membership, but at just US$9.99 per year, MySMS is hardly going to break the bank.

MySMS is a popular cross-platform app with good PC and tablet integration. / © Computer Communication mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync

3. Signal Private Messanger – best security

If you like to err on the side of caution, it’s hard to overlook Signal Private Messenger. It’s super secure – you can’t even take screenshots of the app. Signal Private Messenger (also known as TextSecure) encrypts your personal communications with end-to-end encryption protocols as soon as you register your number.

As you may recall, the NSA has a habit of intercepting SMS content as it passes through data centers. TextSecure only handles encrypted content so your messages are safe in transit. All of your attachments are also encrypted.

Signal Private Messenger is the most secure messaging app on Android. / © Open Whisper Systems Signal Private Messenger

4. chomp SMS – most comprehensive

chomp SMS has been around for a long time, and has become one of the most popular Android SMS apps. Its features include a huge array of emojis, passcode app lock, message locks, intense privacy options, blacklists and quick reply popups, not to mention a ton of customization options, plus it offers Pushbullet and Android Wear compatibility.

chomp SMS has it all: features, customization options and Android Wear support. / © Delicious Inc. chomp SMS

5. Textra SMS – best for customization

Textra SMS is a great SMS app, which makes excellent use of Material Design. It has more features than most stock SMS apps, including floating notifications, quick reply popups, and a heap of signature and notification types. Textra SMS features more than 100 different themes and app icon colors, making it one of the most customizable messaging apps available. What’s more, it’s compatible with PushBullet and Android Wear.

We love the look of Textra SMS. / © Delicious Inc. Textra SMS

6. QKSMS – best looking

QKSMS is one of the prettiest SMS apps we’ve seen, offering Material Design plus a range of themes, night mode, customization, quick replies, group messaging, message scheduling and more in an ad-free environment. The basic app is free but if you want to unlock all the color options and advanced features, you can get premium mode in exchange for a US$1.99 in-app purchase.

QKSMS is both pretty and pretty good. / © QK Labs QKSMS – Material SMS Messenger

7. EvolveSMS – best all-rounder

EvolveSMS is the Google-inspired SMS app that we wish Hangouts was. EvolveSMS is feature-packed, with support for multimedia messages (including GIFs) and even smartwatch compatibility. The default orange interface looks great, but you can also grab more themes if you’re willing to drop a little coin for the customization pack.

Swiping between conversations and a navigation drawer make it a breeze to navigate, and there are plenty of free pre-loaded customization options. If you want an SMS app that does everything, go with Evolve.

EvolveSMS follows the Android style guidelines. / © AndroidPIT/Klinker Apps EvolveSMS

Must-have add-on: MightyText

MightyText is not an SMS app itself, but is on this list because it’s an awesome tool for sending and receiving texts via your computer. MightyText does not have an app component on your Android device, but is an extension for your existing SMS app.

So you can pick an app you like the look of from this list and give it the MightyText touch to read and reply to messages from your computer screen. Other nice features include built-in SMS backup and restore options.

MightyText lets your read and reply to messages from your PC. / © MightyText MightyText: SMS Text Messaging

Do you agree with our list of the best text message apps for Android? Are there any that you can’t believe we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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