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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a reboot of one of the classic first person shooter franchises. You play BJ Blaskowitz and fight your way through Nazis and occult monsters in your quest to stop the 3rd Reich. The game follows the usual first person shooter tenets of run in and blast everything that moves. It breaks this up with a few rail shooter, turret, and puzzle section. The strength of the game is in its atmosphere and its weapons.

    The developer really went all out in making a gothic Nazi countryside and castle for you to tear through. The weapons are also great fun to use and feel just right. Special props to the flamethrower, one of the best video game flamethrowers in recent history. The game also has a multiplayer segment, which is notable for being so good and different from the normal deathmatch that it is still played today, despite the game coming out years and years ago. Overall the single player is nothing amazing but definitely a fun romp, and the multiplayer is a great if you’re looking for something different.

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    Return to castle wolfenstein android download

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