Clean master download for android

Clean Master – an app to speed up your Android by cleaning out what slows it down Android App Review :

Pros & Cons:

  • Multi- functional!
  • Easy to use!
  • Remarkably fast!
  • Nice user interface!
  • One tap boost!
  • UPDATE (6/2014) we have been receiving numerous complaints of this app making devices slower or deleting galleries. We have yet to receive remedy response fro the developers.

If you’re a keen Android user, you probably use it regularly and unwittingly collect a lot of extra data that you don’t need.

From caches, irrelevant APKs, residual files and histories- it can clog your system up a little bit and take up valuable space on your device. This can subsequently slow down your system and make things less ‘snappy’. There are quite a few apps out there that can help you manage the cleaning up of your device, but Clean Master (Cleaner) is perhaps one of the best and it offers far more than just sweeping away unnecessary files.

The main dashboard of the applications lets you quickly access History (this lets you clean down your cache and residual files). Then you have a Privacy section which shows you apps that contain private information such as messaging and Facebook. It then gives the option to clear these caches if you want to. Tasks is a straightforward task killer. While many phones have this as standard, if you have lots of apps running it can slow things down a little so this is useful if not essential. Finally, App Manager contains an uninstaller and app back up function. It lets you quickly and easily see which apps take up most memory- which is great if you’re limited on storage.

The very first thing that struck me about the app was its speed. Damn it’s fast! Other apps I have used seem to take an age scanning all your apps and identifying cache size- not so with Clean Master which does it in just a second or two. This makes the app far more efficient and more likely something you’ll use rather than an app you have to put time aside for. For fast results, the app includes a one tap boost feature which basically kills off non-essential running apps for a burst of speed should your device need it- again this makes it very intuitive and user-friendly.

Clean master download for android


For keeping your device ship-shape and free of clutter, Clean Master is a superb app that is very useful. I think due to its speed and functionality, it’s an app that is definitely worth checking out. It doesn’t need a rooted phone, but does promise higher efficacy if your device has been rooted.

Clean Master is an app that works great whether you are an experienced Android user or a recent convert. The interface makes everything very accessible, straightforward and friendly. With the one tap boost, it really couldn’t be easier.

This will undoubtedly depend on the user but it might well be an app you utilise on a weekly basis for cache cleaning but possibly more regularly for task killing and other functions.


The interface is fast, clean and highly responsive. Rating

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