Opera max for android free download

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Opera max for android free download

Wideband is saved with this application

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OperaMax is a new version from this browser with which you can have access now in your Android to get much more facilities and functionalities when you are browsing the internet.

One of the best features that this application shows you OperaMax allows you save more than 50% of your wideband of your mobile phone; that is perfect especially when you want to download music and videos directly in your mobile phone.

In other hand, OperaMax allows you also know which are the applications that you have saved in your device and have spend more connection. You can also look what quantity of data you will saved if you use this browser.

OperaMax is simple to use and its interface is been designed again to look like more functional and elegant. At the same way, this is a beta version, OperaMax have been well care and all mistakes that could have in other version, in this version have been solved, so now is more stable and you can use all functions that it has.

OperaMax allows you navigate when you want and without spend all your data connection.

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