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Does your smartphone or tables makes use of the Android operating system? On this website we explain in great detail how you can download and install WhatsApp for any Android device. Together with the iOS operating system of Apple, Android was the first operating system that was able to run WhatsApp. Nowadays, WhatsApp Android is used by million of people worldwide. WhatsApp download for Android? The app has a size of 15 MB and is suitable for Android 2.1 and higher. WhatsApp for Android can be downloaded completely for free through the Play Store.

The first year the use of the app is completely free (besides the costs of your internet usage). After the first year you pay an annural amount of $ 0.99 (about € 0.75). However, in some countries these costs are not charged yet because WhatsApp is still looking for a proper payment method.

Apart from the fact that probably many of your friends, family, classmates or colleagues already use WhatsApp, WhatsApp Android has a number of advantages. First, there are no hidden costs. Apart from the annual costs of $ 0.99 and an optional Internet subscription, you pay nothing more. Using WhatsApp Android, you can send very easily messages, photo’s, video’s, smileys, locations and many many more. When you download WhatsApp for Android, you can also use group chats. Moreover, you don’t have to create a WhatsApp account or have to remember an account name or password. WhatsApp Android just use your current list of contacts.

Nowadays, many devices and tablets run the Android operating system. Especially WhatsApp Samsung and WhatsApp HTC are devices that run mostly the Android operating system.

WhatsApp Download for Android

Are you convinced of the benefits of WhatsApp Android and do you want to download WhatsApp immediately? Below is brief explanation of how to download and install WhatsApp directly for your Android device.

1. Open de PlayStore App and tap the search button

2. Enter “WhatsApp” en select the first search result

3. You can see now a short description, technical details and reviews. Tap the Download button to download WhatsApp Android directly.

4. You can check the progress of the download and installation in your Android notification centre. When the download and installation is ready, you can directly open the WhatsApp App.

5. The first time you open WhatsApp for Android, you have to verify your mobile phone number. You can verify your phone number through SMS or a call. Enter your phone number and directly verify your number.

6. WhatsApp for Android is downloaded, installed and verified and so ready for usage! Have fun with WhatsApp Android for free!

Download whatsapp for android

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