Download free zone wifi for android

Free Zone WiFi

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Download free zone wifi for android

Free Zone WiFi. Access and socialize WiFi: Save your 3G data package using Free Zone networks!

Free Zone WiFi  is the app that helps you find free WiFi hotspots that really works!

More than 5,500,000 WiFi hotspots totally FREE – see on the MAP! Not as other apps where most hotspots are paid or simply don’t work at all.

The WiFi technology is everywhere, and Free Zone helps your device to find open and shared WiFi networks with access to the Internet, so that you can use your e-mail, Facebook, Orkut and much more without having to use your 3G data plan, totally FREE!

As the application is started, it will automatically search for available networks so that you stay connected all the time. Even out of the application, it keeps on running in the background to find networks for you!

When you are close to a Free Zone hotspot, the app will automatically sync your email, contacts, Twitter and Facebook. So you’ll be updated all the time!

Download free zone wifi for android

You can also share a new network with the whole Free Zone community whenever you want to. Free wifi! Free wi-fi! Free WiFi!

Free Zone WiFi user reviews:

This app is sickening. It does worse on my phone, supposedly because I have a smart phone…. but it won’t even pick up two networks that are right beside me. I downloaded it not believeing the reviews, big mistake…. unless you have a not so smart phone not worth downloading. It also freezes and often glitches up….

I find this app very useful to find an open network rather than testing them one by one. Too bad when it’s running in the background usually it crashes. I’m using galaxy nexus. If it’s stable I’m giving 5 stars.

Download Free Zone WiFi :

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