Download aplikasi android guitar solo lite

Ver 1.43, for Android OS 1.5 and up

Get Solo, Android’s most popular phone guitar and start jamming wherever you are

With Solo you can play to your favourite songs, or create some of your own.

It’s ideal for jamming sessions when you don’t have your guitar with you, or an excellent reference for when you do!

This is a free demo version and includes:

Download aplikasi android guitar solo lite

* Great, authentic sounding acoustic guitar

* The same huge chord library available in the full version

* Create and load custom chord layouts

* Uses Immersion’s MOTIV haptic effects for advanced haptic feedback

* Many settings to customize to your playing style

Also available in the full version:

* Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with authentic sound

* A huge chord library with chord diagrams – hear and see how each chord is played.

Download aplikasi android guitar solo lite

* Create your own chords

* Play along to any music loaded on your phone

* Get chord and lyric overlays from the web – excellent for teaching yourself new songs to play

* Play with a capo to fit your vocal range

* Create, load and save chord layouts for your favourite songs

* Customize the UI to fit your playing style

* Use multitouch on supported devices


I take user experience very seriously – that is why Solo Lite has remained ad free for more than two years. I’ve now started occasionally showing ads on start up, and only then, where it will not interfere with playing. For this I had to include two extra permissions. Below is an explanation for all permissions required by the app:

VIBRATE – For string vibrations and haptic feedback (optional)

INTERNET_ACCESS – To check/download updates (for non-Market users), free upgrade promotion via GetJar, occasional ad on startup

READ_NETWORK_STATE – Used to determine if device currently has internet access (to only check for updates/serve ad if online)

READ_PHONE_STATE – Device id used by ad provider to show ad on startup.

The “Read phone state and identity” permission doesn’t give devs access to passwords or other personal identity information. The only id obtained from this is the phone’s IMEI number, which is a unique serial number tied to every device with a sim card. Knowing this number does not give devs access to any personal information, it only provides a way for us to distinguish between different devices.

Solo itself does not need this number, but the ad providers need something to identify users by. If someone wants to advertise something on a mobile phone, they usually pay a fee per 1000 impressions. E.g. they will pay a few cents for every 1000 people that see their ads. But it has to be 1000 unique users. If you start Solo 10 times, and see the ad each time, it will still just count as 1 user towards that 1000 user count, even though you’ve seen it more than once.

Currently the IMEI number is the most reliable way to differentiate between users, and almost all ad companies require this number. You will probably see that permission on all apps that show ads, and most apps that require a way to uniquely identify users without any personal information.

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