Android wifi static apk download

WiFi Static for Android

Configure the several different connections WiFi that you have available and change between them all automatically.

Ratings about WiFi Static for Android

Change automaticaly to the default configuration according to our geolocalization.

Android wifi static apk download

There are no advanced options.

Detailed analysis

Android wifi static apk download

It is a very small app that is not even 100kb and that can help you in making things easier every time that you need to connect to the Internet. It will help you with the connection profile configuration every time you are going to get connected to different WiFi networks.

WiFi Static offers you several small tools with which you will be able manage all your configurations of static IP and change constantly between them in an automatic way when you need it. The last versions of the Android (from 4.0 on) already include this characteristic, but if you have an Android that has not this operative system, you may need to have this app to make things easier for you when connecting to the Internet.

With WiFi Static, you will be able to create profiles of connection and configure your static IP, the linking door, the DNS primary and secondary and the WiFi Hotspot. Besides, you can add to the configuration your geographic position. with which WiFi Static will know when it needs to change the connection when you most need it and according to the places in which we are.

The options of WiFi Static are very simple to configure and almost all the users share the point that it is very simple to use, organize and to manage all the different profiles that we have in our device.

If you are looking for an app really light and easy to use that allows you to change automatically your network configuration every time you need to change from your domestic wireless network to a public one, no matter where it is from, we strongly recommend you to download WiFi Static completely free in your Android device and you will be able to forget about configuring your WiFi connection every time you move.

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