Talking dictionary free download for android mobile

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From Baris Efe: Free Dictionary for Android is an English Dictionary that gives you English definitions, synonyms, pronunciation, and spelling. It also features auto-suggestion, option to play quiz game, searched word on Google Images, and search history.

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"RE:REVIEW? Immaturity I will NOT tolerate. "

Talking dictionary free download for android mobile

2013-04-30 16:05:03 | By Nascar_Mama_2011

| Version: Free Dictionary for Android 2.3.1

I do love the app,I got for my hubby the crosswordaholic lol but honestly,I was looking to add one to my laptop which he rarely uses so was great to see #Andriod and #free helped a lil lol.

Keep up the great work :))

SMH. How childish to write you awesome review *lame* and if it were up to me I would delete and BAN YOU! I count on my “fellow consumer” reviews,nice to have an “intelligent” response so as my Mama told me,”If you don’t have anything good to say,DON’T say anything at all. Thank you 😀

I hope the next time I’m here,I don’t see as a “Personal Flood Text Attack” on Cnet’s website and I am offended by this,aren’t you??

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