Myscript memo android download

You can use this application to:


  • (1) Tap to return to the list of all your notes.
  • (2) Undo/ redo buttons
  • (3) Choose the pen and write notes.

Long tap to change the ink thickness or color.

  • (4) Choose the eraser and rub out.
    Long tap to delete everything on the page.
  • (5) The lasso can be used to draw a circle around items to select them and then to delete them or export them.
  • (6) Import an image from your library or a camera, if available.
  • (7) Export your notes to other applications.

    • Choose the tool.
    • Write your text on the page (use the guide lines if there are any).

    The note is saved automatically and now appears in the list of notes.

    With a long tap on the tool button, you can change the color and thickness of your writing. These are also in the settings.

    • If the Palm rejection option is active in the settings, you can rest your hand on the bottom of the screen, without activating it and creating unwanted writing.


    • To add pictures to your notes, click the tool. You can import pictures from a camera or a file.
    • You can draw on an inserted picture, to make annotations.

    If you export as an image, the picture and the text are visible. If you export as text however, the images are discarded.

    • To select an image, choose the tool and long tap the image or draw a circle around it.
    • On the selection wheel, tap .
    • You can now drag the selected image to move it, use a pinch zoom gesture to scale it, or rotate it by dragging with a pinch gesture.


    • To erase just a part of the text or a drawing, use the tool to rub over the text: to erase the whole page, make a long tap on this tool.
    • To erase a specific item, choose the tool and select the item: on the selection wheel that opens, tap .
    Myscript memo android download


    • Tap the button to export the whole page.

    To export only a selection, select first with the tool. Then, on the selection wheel, tap .

    • Choose to export:
      • Converted text only. The text is converted with handwriting recognition: any images are removed. You can copy the text to the clipboard or send to e-mail or other applications such as Facebook or Twitter (if available).
      • Full page image. The text stays as handwriting and images are retained. You can copy the image to the clipboard or send to your photo albums or to e-mail or other applications such as Facebook or Twitter (if available).


    If you notice words that can not be recognized when you export as text, you can add them to the user dictionary so they can be recognized in future.

    • To open the user dictionary, press the menu/settings button on your device – User dictionary setting.
    • To add a new word:
      • Press the device menu/settings button and tap Add .
      • Write in the word and when it is correctly entered tap OK .
    • To edit an existing entry, tap it and choose the Edit option. Edit the word and confirm.
    • To remove an existing entry, tap it and choose the Delete option.


    • Working language. choose the recognition language: you may have to download other language packs if the language you want is not listed.
    • Palm rejection. when you write on certain tablets, you tend to press the bottom of your hand against the screen. This option can detect this type of “palm print” and disregard it, so you do not have unwanted ink strokes caused by your hand.

    The same option also exists for left-handed writers.

  • User dictionary. This opens the user dictionary (see “Using the user dictionary” for details).
  • Ink thickness. the Slim option provides a fine writing line, Large gives a thick line.
  • Ink color. choose a color from the list that opens.
  • Background. choose the background of the "paper" where you write the notes (lines, grid etc.). Several types are proposed.
  • Application support:

    download link here