Zombie booth app for android download

ZombieBooth Android app download. Transforms into horrific 3D zombies

ZombieBooth is an application that transforms your photos into horrific 3D zombies that moan and groan looking for human flesh. The application is responsible for detecting the features like eyes, nose and mouth, and then apply the 3D effect to the result. The resulting image will be a zombie face with movement, sound, breathes blinks and even if you put a finger on the screen will bite to eat. Get ready to turn your friends and family in real zombies.

The program according to your request will turn you into a zombie on the image and animates the photo such action, you can scare your friends and even yourself. Choose a photo from your media library or take a new one with the camera and the program itself convert the image into a horrific zombie face that will respond to your touch on the screen and follow the movement of your finger, and if you hold your finger to his mouth – he happily starts eating your finger on the screen and appear traces of blood. You can also shake the phone to transform into different zombies.

you can alos change the look, for it will only have to give a jolt to your mobile and choose the finish you like. Then you can send it by email or save the photo in the gallery for your mobile.You can also share your creation on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Zombie booth app for android download

Features ZombieBooth Android app:

– Create a huge range of 3D zombies from your photos

– The zombie bites your finger when touching the zombie’s mouth

– Drag a finger across the screen to make the zombie follow your movements

– With shaking you can enjoy zombie variation.

– Horrific zombie sound effects

– Share zombie images via email

The application is very easy to use and does not require any configuration. Feeling bored? Let’s have some fun! Make your own collection of zombies from your friends and acquaintances and share your work on social networks.

download link here