Speedhero download android

Lite (S60 3rd + 5th) 1.01

Speedhero download android

SpeedHero is a program that will add a surprising feature to your mobile phone: measure the speed of the balls in motion.

As if it were a radar, SpeedHero is capable of measuring the speed of any spherical object that passes close to your mobile phone. For example, with SpeedHero you can measure the speed of shots with soccer balls, shoots with a baseball balls or measure the maximum speed of your best drive.

Use SpeedHero is as simple as running the program and place your phone near one of the points of the trajectory of the ball.

It’s simple. Automatically, SpeedHero show you onscreen speed of each shot, pitch or hit.


  • Easy to use
  • Very accurate
  • Don’t use the camera or the microphone
Speedhero download android


  • You need to place the phone close to the path
  • It is necessary to throw the ball against a barrier

SpeedHero screenshots and videos

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