Norton utilities for android download

Norton Utilities & Task Killer

Battery Saver. Task Killer. App Manager. Overage Protection. Norton™ Mobile Utilities Lite has the tools to help extend your battery life (full version only), kill tasks and boost the performance of your Android phone or tablet. Plus, avoid those expensive overages. Try it free!

Update: Version 2.5.5 – data usage tracking issues are fixed. If you encounter incorrect data usage please go to: to report these issues.

• Battery down to 8% just before you go meet your friends?

• Did the camera app freeze up and you missed taking a photo of that awesome Lamborghini or cute puppy, earlier?

• Close to the 5GB data limit? Waiting until you get home to watch that music video?

Don’t miss out! Norton Mobile Utilities Lite is here to help extend your Android battery life (full version only), manage apps and avoid overages. Get all these features in one, easy-to-use app.

Battery Saver* (featured in Norton Mobile Utilities – Full Version only)

• Battery Usage– view battery usage by application, find out which apps are draining your device’s battery life

• Battery Alerts– set up optional alerts for when the battery drains to a particular percentage

Norton utilities for android download

• Device Sleep Mode– customized sleep mode on/off times, for example turn on sleep mode at night or during the work day

• Battery Saver Profiles– select a preset profile to automatically change settings according to battery percentage level

• Custom Battery Saver Profiles– create your own battery saver profile, using up to 12 different device settings

• Advanced Battery Saver Settings– control brightness, ringer, vibrate, WiFi, Bluetooth, screen timeout and more

Task Killer

• Memory/CPU/Network Usage– view system usage by application – see the percentage of memory, CPU and network usage by each app

• Auto App Killer– – auto kill apps, stop apps from running and using memory at specific times (from 1 to 24 hours) to improve speed and save battery power (full version only)

• Manual Task Kill– manually kill apps that have frozen or crashed to free up device memory

• Kill All Apps– option to kill one or all apps running

App Manager

• Manage App Storage– monitor app storage by app, find out which apps are taking up the most space

• App Uninstall– uninstall individual or batch uninstall apps

• Clear Cache– remove temporary files for multiple apps

• Install Apps To SD Card– SD card installer, install apps to SD card in order to free up space on your phone or tablet

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