My idol apk download android


Dear users, stay tuned. English version is coming soon.

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The most Meng Technology! Directly using a mobile phone camera, shoot super fun even 3D Moe!

[Blockbuster new feature Available: Small Dual Stage]

Even in a small arena, you can even use your own little when the main character, the production of videos and funny animated themes it!

The history of the most sincere birthday wishes, absolutely hot suction eye fashion dance, and then refused to move ten fancy tricks confession ……

Single dog song, dance night in Shanghai, even a supermodel, sports diary ……

More video content, waiting for you to play happy!

You can also personally dub, sings, show your talents now!

Share circle of friends, bright blind your vote friend

You certainly have not seen such an honest app Features:

My idol apk download android

1, hair, clothing with a heart, with their own small even to try what the most appropriate shape it!

2, virtual makeup, think of how based on how, my mother no longer have to worry about my look it!

3, with the head will have to make your social picture, and let your friends see a scream!

4, with the expression builder for creating your own chat expressions, make your friends scream again!

Above P.s. iPhone5 device experience the best

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My idol apk download android

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