Ir remote download android

IR Universal Remote

IR Universal Remote turns your phone into a real universal remote. This application lets you use your phone’s built in IR Blaster to control infrared devices such as your TV, Cable Box, Radio, DVD, DVR, VCR, DSLR, Blu-Ray, CD, Audio, Air Con (A/C), Amplifier, Satellite, IP Camera via IR, AV Receiver and much more. A Samsung phone or tablet with a built in IR Blaster is required for this application to work. This application has thousands of supported manufacturer models with hundreds of thousands of different IR remote codes and is continuously growing in supported devices.

This is one of the most universal applications on Google Play. Whether your kids have lost the TV remote or you just want to turn up the game at the bar you can always use your phone

This application utilizes full page advertisements. The full page ads allow you to test all buttons (IR codes) available in IR Universal Remote for free. You can upgrade for a one time fee to unlock additional features (features listed below) and remove all ads.

S3 and Note 2 are not supported as they do not have an IR Blaster.

Free Features:

*Access to over 300000+ Online IR Database codes.

*Tablet and Phone layouts supported.

*Supported by ads

Paid Features:

*Manually input IR codes not found in the IR database.

*Create and Save Custom Remotes from the IR database for use offline.

*Custom Themes (Change Layouts / Backgrounds)

*Hide/show buttons.

*Drag and drop buttons

*Change button text and color, size, and position.

*Quickly edit saved remote buttons (Long tap button).

*Widgets. -widgets are linked to last used Saved Remote.

A phone/tablet with a built in IR Blaster is required: Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab 3, and Galaxy Mega work.

Ir remote download android

HTC ONE – LG G2 – Sony Xperia: This app was built for Samsung devices. If you have any other device with an IR Blaster then you need OS 4.4+ KITKAT. *Jelly Bean is ONLY supported on Samsung devices.

*Tip – To edit buttons on a saved remote: (With the saved remote open), Press and hold the menu button to the left of the saved remote’s name. This is the button with the 3 horizontal bars. Then long press which button you want to edit.

*Tip – Swipe left and right while on the remote to change layouts.

*Tip – (Saved Remotes Only) press and hold a button for that buttons settings (Color, Text, IR Code,Position, and Size)

*Tip – While on the “IR Databases” scroll the tabs to the left to see all options. The tabs at the top of the “IR Databases” page are scroll-able.

*Tip – Make sure your device is not in power saving mode.

*New – For saving new buttons – Long press and hold the button you are mapping to test the button. Then regular tap to map the button.

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TVs: Samsung, Vizio, Bush, Sony, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Zenith, Emerson, RCA, Philips, Hitachi, Apple TV, Hisense, SKY, and many more!

Cable & Satellite boxes: Humax, DirecTV, Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner, ATT U-verse, Tivo, and many more!

This app is not affiliated with any other applications or developers

Privacy Policy:

IR Universal Remote uses Google Play email addresses to verify in app purchases ensuring unlocked features are available across multiple devices and after device resets. To provide this, IR Universal Remote stores your Google+ email address on a remote server.

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