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ICUII is a simple easy-to-use Videochat program. ICUII was the first in the industry, over 10 years ago to have big beautiful 320×240 pixel fast video and the first with Video Instant Messaging. Now ICUII has added group chat lobbies and group audio to all in the lobby for a great way to have fun and meet others. ‘Video On Demand’ lets you pick and choose who you want to see and who gets to see you while in the chat lobby. ‘Chat Snap’ is a new feature that posts a thumbnail of what your webcam sees as you type text.

The calling features from earlier ICUII versions are still there, along with Video Messaging. All four major instant messaging programs are accessible from ICUII. AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo all built in. ICUII Quick Messages can be sent to users that are online or offline and read at a later time. Share emoticons with all your friends. In your profile display your favorite social network link from Twitter to Facebook. Enter the URL and the appropriate icon will be displayed as a button to access your site from within ICUII.

"Terrible Software from Terrible People. Period."

December 28, 2010 | By whirledorder

2010-12-28 18:30:04 | By whirledorder

| Version: ICUII 8.2

I like the fact that they have rooms and sub-rooms open to the public. Though it is hard to find a lobby that doesn’t involve illegal drug references, it is, I guess, nice to have that option if you are into that.

The software alone is terrible and hasn’t been updated in years. It crashes a lot and often loses your PALs list. The video quality is mediocre at best and the overall usability is terrible. Worse, though, is the support staff–mean and hateful

Icuii free download for android

Over the last 15 years, I have tried this product a number of times.

Every time I am dismayed by how terrible it remains and how downright hateful the staff is when asking for help.

Most recently I was told “stay away from my software” by the CEO of Cybration, the infamous Kevin Adair. To read more about how he stole the software from NanoCom, read the article from ZDNet:

When I offered to beta test the software in the hopes of having some input into the development cycle, I was called arrogant, childish and a “know it all”. For the life of me, I cannot find a single legitimate reason for the CEO of any company to respond to any user in that manner.

So if you don’t mind the lying, name-calling, and stealing done to bring this product to market, you might want to evaluate these points:

Though they claim to monitor their chat rooms, there are an inordinate number of rooms with names like PNP Pigs, or BB PNP. (for those who aren’t familiar with the term PNP, it’s a drug reference to injecting illegal drugs) This is most definitely not appropriate for most users and without any effort at all, you can usually find at least one or two people publicly using illegal drugs on camera in a public space provided by ICUII.

Icuii free download for android

But all of those horrible reasons aside, the software is miserable and hasn’t been updated in years and years (probably since it was stolen from NanoCom)

Even the latest beta (version 9b or Release Candidate 16) has very little to offer. The video quality is marginal, the software is buggy and quits with the error (User Panic 2) often. Changes in monitor resolution crash the app. People are constantly complaining about the fact that the software loses your contacts repeatedly.

It uses a multi-window approach that makes the windows difficult to manage and the default sounds are nothing less than shocking.

The public chat window looks and acts a lot like an IRC chat window (meaning no formatting features) and it is difficult to manage your active video mail.

Nearly every time you try to send a message, it fails the first time.

This software was revolutionary back in 1997 when it was the only software around like it (and NanoCom licensed it to Kevin Adair). But now nothing has changed and it honestly is not even worth trying. Certainly it is not worth the annual subscription of $100 or even $50 now.

Updated on Dec 28, 2010

Here is the latest e-mail I received from Kevin Adair regarding ICUII after I asked him not to contact me again.

The program has changed every year please publish this verbatim if you have the balls. The only thing that has not changed in 15 years is your ****** outlook on life. I feel sorry for people like you.

Pretentious beyond belief. If you had used our software over the years you could have tracked updates and upgrades. 4 generations of one product. From the very first product to have instant video messaging to multiplex audio and video conferences. To what we are about to release. To one of the oldest LGBT communities online

I terminated your access on the one machine you had this past week.

I rest my case.

Updated on Dec 28, 2010

After being threatened by the CEO of ICUII sofware, I published the entire thread contents including the material that he chose not to publish. The entire thread can be read at:

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