Half life 1 download android

Game description: Half-Life :

Half Life – one of the most popular shooters from the first person still in 90es, now it appeared on Android. Thanks to this game there was a genre of science-fiction shooters from the first person. In the game all levels are from the original version, monsters, quests, and textures, almost any differences are kept in the most part. The acting character of the game — a young talented research associate Gordon Freeman working in laboratory of abnormal materials. Possessing the average level of the admission, the scientist doesn’t suspect what dangers his forthcoming work conceals.

Once in the morning Gordon is sent to the test camera for carrying out the standard analysis of a crystal. Experiment consequences, however, are catastrophic.

Half life 1 download android

If it takes off after the second loading, begin from the beginning, download save and throw in the ID1 folder, in game press to continue the game.

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